The YogaScape

Amy Pearce-Hayden, E-RYT 500
Amy Pearce-Hayden, ERYT 500
Director TheYogaScape, Founder RajaHatha School of Yoga, Creator

Amy has been involved in the search for Yoga for as long as she can recall. Finally at the age of 11, she stumbled upon a Yoga book at her local library and has since been repeatedly drawn back to the practice and the theory of Yoga. Her formal study began in 1995 as part of her BFA Acting training, and has now become her daily education and practice.

Amy has studied under the tutelage of Gabriel Halpern, Lisa and Charles Matkin, Rolf Sovik, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Sandra Anderson, Shari Friedrichsen, Dharma Mittra, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and Duncan Wong among others. Amy is certified by the Satsang School of Yoga, and the Himalayan Institute’s Teachers Association, both recognized by Yoga Alliance. In mid 2003, Amy founded TheYogaScape as a sacred studio where students have since been guided to discover the many practical applications Yoga offers daily living. Today she has graduated over 70 teachers (200 Hour) in her RajaHatha lineage, a school in her name since 2005. 2011 marked the first graduating class of the RajaHatha 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification program. Prior to Directing TheYogaScape Amy acted as Director of Sales and Membership for the highly acclaimed NYC complementary health-care facility named “Haelth, LLC” in SoHo, where clients found various Mind-Body Modalities to support their lives, including Yoga. She has studied Alexander Technique and various forms of dance and movement that inform her knowledge of the body as an instrument for creative and spiritual endeavors. Prior to teaching, Amy spent a number of years studying Yoga in Chicago and New York City in various branches and schools of Yoga. Perhaps not so coincidently, both DePaul University’s (Chicago) Conservatory Professional Theatre School’s BFA undergrad included Yoga in their curriculum as did A.M.D.A.’s (the American Musical and Dramatic Academy) of NYC. She found Yoga had always been present in shaping her experience. During her first pilgrimage to India in 2005 she began the formal study of Ayurveda, and has been inspired to continue further studies in both the Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions. During her 2009 pilgrimage to India, she was again re-inspired to take a closer look and study with mantra as practice.  Her movement toward recording has been a byproduct of her love of music and belief and deepened exposure to mantra.

During 2010, Amy’s dharmic path brought her to connect with producer, James Sabatini whom she felt understood her vision for expressing YouYoga, which was born from the process of directing Teacher Trainings and a student body ready to practice as much as they could in a way as accessible and sincere as possible. In the same way that TheYogaScape offers classical Yoga instruction in asana, pranayama, meditation, and joyful living for all levels of experience and physical abilities Amy wanted to do the same for students without the possibility of frequent studio access or formal training. She thanks the wonderfully authentic teachers and residents of the Himalayan Institute, in Honesdale, PA for their teachings and welcome. Today outside of New York and the Internet; Amy can be found leading bi-annual workshops throughout the country as well as Yoga retreats to Mexico, India, and Europe. Amy teaches authentically from her own practice to bring a sense of presence, spontaneity, and compassion to her students. Visit Amy’s Studio in New York, where YouYoga was shot on location at