The YogaScape

About TheYogaScape

How do things manifest exactly? Is it Divine order or does one push for something they  believe in? Is it a combination of the two? Have we been set on our path long  before it becomes obvious? Somehow I think it might be all of these things.

In the summer of 2003 the path I was walking  became illuminated through the deepening of my practice and by my teachers, and  through the willingness to witness how all is truly connected. As I listened, I  was guided to find an expression of this confirmation by creating a “space” for  exploration and inspiration. TheYogaScape was the result of that desire in  form.

The word “YogaScape” finally took shape after I  exhausted the many potentials I feel yoga has to offer.  Since “yoga” can be translated as “union”,  and “scape” as “expanse”, a word that translated to mean expansive union or the “Union of Everything” rang true in my heart.  As a western practitioner of yoga, at the onset the practice was just about the  poses and the body for me. As I explored the practice of yoga, I discovered  that it was about union and moreover  the union and connected-ness of everything. I have slowly discovered that yoga  exists everywhere—that in fact, it is impossible that everything is not  connected! TheYogaScape is a place that puts no boundaries or limitations to  where or how yoga can exist. Above all I wish not to change yoga yet again into  something new but to allow it to serve us as a brilliant vehicle to guide us  back to our truly individual joyful Selves. I wish for this to be a place for  you—one that guides you to find more joy, fullness, contentment, expression,  creativity, truth, balance, and inspiration in your life. No matter what style  or lineage of yoga you choose to practice, I hope it brings you back to your Self  and your joys. TheYogascape offers instruction of yoga in forms that include  asana (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, traditional yoga  philosophy, guided imagery and group discussion (satsang). Perhaps a bit less  traditional however authentic—you may join a class or group that is exploring  music, art, theatre, movement, spirituality, work, relationships, Ayurveda and  nutrition or Tantric living.

My true passion for teaching stems from  the extreme joy and insight I receive from those I teach and therefore have the  wonderful opportunity to connect with and learn from. It is this exchange that  truly fulfills me like nothing else. As humans we are so unique, and so must the practice of yoga for each individual be as  well. To respect these ideals, I also recommend an individual approach to one’s  practice, which we offer as private or Semi-private sessions. In addition,  small-group classes, special needs, or even age-specific classes can be  developed for you and others in-home or out-of-home; who are interested in  exploring similar areas of yoga.

Remember: if yoga is limitless and without  boundary, anything and everything can be explored!

I alongside our faculty of teachers and healers  look forward to guiding your practice.