Rajahatha School of YogaTeacher Training Certification 200 & 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Programs

RajaHatha 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Level 2

After building a strong community of both graduates and a faculty ready for the next level of immersion, Amy offered the School’s first 500-Hour Teacher Training Certification in the fall of 2010, sited to be a complete year of training, self-study, and yoga therapeutic training. The first graduating class was in October 2011. The Senior Faculty at TheYogaScape are graduates of this program.

Our Training is so often referred to as “A YOGA IMMERSION” since it aims to offer the grounds for individuals ready to understand yoga as a way of life by studying and applying the sacred and ancient, yet modern approach to healthy and spiritual living.  At the same time, the program prepares the individual to be readied to teach a complete and cohesive yoga class upon Certification. Many students over the years have chosen to take this Teacher Training Course as a means to deep self-study, to better understand yogic living, or to become an active yoga teacher in their community. Many serious students have also taken the course as a life process without the desire to teach, but as a path to joyful living. Whichever the reason, the student can expect to be transformed!

500-Hour Training typically occurs yearly and begins in October and is completed one year following.

Requirements for 500-Hour Certification

  • 200-Hour RajaHatha Certification (or Yoga Alliance Equivalent)
  • 265 hours of advanced classroom training (hands on, applied asana study, discussion, theory, contact hours and observed, recorded, guided teaching; privately and publically)
  • 35-hour Jnana of the Heart project for presentation
  • 100 hours (or more) teaching experience (which may include previous or current teaching experience)
  • 80 Hours of logged theory, written and applied, an in –home study of required reading/scripture study with project/goal feedback and re-integration project
  • Practical Final Exam
Course Focus:
  • Advanced Asana, Modified Asana: How to Adapt Safely and Creatively
  • Asana for Common Conditions and Injuries
  • Sanskrit and Samkhya dissected
  • Understanding Fear, Ego, Attachment and Aversion
  • How to Detect, Understand, and Apply the Subtle Body to Yogic Discipline
  • Advanced Teaching Methods to Groups
  • Yoga and Relationships
  • The Business of Yoga for Modern Living and Corporate Settings
  • Meditation and Pranayama: How to teach it
  • Dissecting the Yoga Sutra and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • Therapeutic Yoga and its Place
  • Mantra and Yantra Yoga
  • The Art of Sequencing
  • How to Teach a Private
  • Developing Dharma as a Teacher and for the Student
  • Applied Conscious Living as Articulated Through the Yamas and Niyamas
  • Understanding where Passion Lies
  • Silent retreat Study Project
  • Integrating Ayurveda and the Gunas to Conscious Living
  • Satsang: Bhakti in Your Community

Applications, Tuition, and Requirements available upon request via email to theyogascape@comcast.net or at the studio.