Graceful & Grateful

Graceful & Grateful: Thoughts During the Holidays While Away

I recall a statement that one of my long-time yoga teachers often said to remind us of our blessings. “When we are grateful, we receive Grace”. At least this is how I interpreted it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Grace lately, probably due to the fact that I’ve have ample time to slow down, relax, and really experience how grateful I feel to be where I am right now. As many of you know, during Hurricane Sandy my return to NY was delayed six days, and I had a “forced” (and welcomed) break. This week my family and I are celebrating an early Thanksgiving, as well as the birthdays of both my son and brother-in-law. It’s also the first time that we are all together and have seen each other in over a year. That combination alone I’m grateful for.

As yoga teaches, particularly the branch of Tantra, no matter the situation–when we see our life as a series of continual opportunities (rather than lessons) we then begin to experience Grace. Experiencing Grace is the ability to recognize and accept the blessings that are actually available to us all of the time, but that we so often cannot see when we desire for our life’s situation to be other than it is. The contrary is easy: to be grateful when we feel blessed, experience abundance, or are just simply happy with the way life is going. But for a yogi, we strive to develop faith, trust, and gratitude on a daily basis.

My time away from teaching these past few weeks has gifted me various opportunities to step back and review my perspective on all of the Grace that surrounds me. I am grateful for this time with my family, for the support of my friends, my wonderful staff, and deeply appreciative for each of my students that make up my community of Grace.

When ever I’m away I hope you all take the opportunity to practice with a new teacher and be graced with the knowledge delivered in a new light.

During the Holiday Season, may you each be reminded as I have of the Grace that surrounds us and be grateful in your own way.