Think of PHP as your hub for all services, ideas, teachings, and a community for things TRANSFORMATIVE and HEALING. A creation of founder Amy Pearce-Hayden that was born of the desire to make available the authentic teachings and applications of yoga, the healing arts, and good ol’ authentic real-life joyful living. All Projects found here have the same goal in mind, and that is that: “Through connection we feel, through feeling we explore, by exploring we know, and by knowing we transform.”


Change is inevitable. It is always happening. The question at hand is how do we deal with this truth of reality? Ideally we find inspiration, growth, new possibilities, revelations, joy, excitement, aliveness, and a greater sense of who we are.  Each Project here was conceived and created to aid in the experience of each of these potentials. To CONNECT and EXPLORE the process and experience of our lives in a supported and systematic manner allows for us each to truly TRANSFORM and realize our own greatness rather than fear or resist the unfolding of our lives.